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BonTerra is an ISO 9001:2015-certified manufacturer with over two decades of experience in developing and producing high-quality natural geotextile products. For two decades, we’ve dedicated ourselves to offering erosion control solutions and other natural, sustainable, and effective geotextile products made from natural fibers. In collaboration with Hayleys Ltd., Bonterra Weiland GmbH established the first ISO-certified geotextile plant in Sri Lanka in 1996. Today, BonTerra is a globally trusted name, renowned for high-quality erosion control solutions and products derived from straw, coconut fiber, and jute fibers.

Our erosion control blankets and organic geotextile products provide immediate soil protection, preserving seeds against wind and rain erosion while promoting vegetation growth.

BonTerra offers comprehensive solutions for natural erosion control, slope stabilization, embankment protection, and revegetation, utilizing coir, straw, and jute products. Our offerings are highly effective, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly. Trust BonTerra for all your bioengineering requirements.

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Finest Products

Our products are manufactured using finest raw materials as our all plants are located in the heart of natural fibre sources

Industry Experience

Initiated in 1996, we have more than 2 decades of industry experience. Our qualified staff has a wealth of experience in providing proven, cost-effective erosion control solutions.

Cost-effective Solutions

Since we are one of the leading manufacturer of organic erosion control solutions in the industry, our efficient work force, modern technology and the economies of scale help us be competitive in the market.

High Capacity

We have high capacity in producing organic geotextiles where we keep the delivery promises while maintaining a minimum lead time.


Bonterra is a leading provider of natural solutions for soil erosion and stabilization issues. Our erosion control blanket, known by various names globally, is a popular temporary solution for controlling erosion. It is also used in various industries, including agriculture, mining, and is known for its biodegradable properties.

Bonterra provides overall solutions for Soil erosion, Re-vegetation, Soil stabilization, Landfilling, Landscaping, Roof greening, Shoreline protection, Road and river embankments and etc. Bonterra products are established in More than 60 Countries around the globe. Australia, USA, South America, Korea, India, South Africa and Europe are the main areas which is requesting for our solutions for the past few decades.

In addition to coir blankets , Bonterra is capable of offering Jute Soil Saver, Jute Mesh, Jute Mat, Hessian cloth and Steel Sod Staples.

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