Enhance Re-Vegetation and Hydroseeding with Natural Soil covers


Coir Mats on Hydroseeded Slopes


Jute Mats with Hydroseeding


Hydroseeding on Coir Mats


Vegetation Development with Erosion Control Blankets

Hydroseeding with Soil Covers

Hydroseeding and soil covers offer sustainable solutions for enhancing revegetation and preventing erosion on hydroseeded slopes.

Revegetation, hydroseeding, and the use of natural soil covers go hand in hand to promote greenery growth, protect vegetation, and reduce erosion.

What is Revegetation

Revegetation is the process of restoring vegetation to areas that have been damaged or destroyed. It involves stabilizing the soil, preventing erosion, retaining moisture, and creating a favorable environment for seed germination and plant growth.

What is Hydroseeding

Hydr is the application of a mixture of seed, fertilizer, and mulch to create or restore lawns and vegetation. When combined with Natural Slope covers such as Coir Nettings , Coir Blankets, Coco Mats , Straw Mats and Jute Mesh, hydroseeding projects become more successful. Geotextiles provide a protective layer over the seed, preventing erosion, while coir blankets and jute soil saver help retain moisture, promoting an ideal environment for plant growth.

Vetiver Grass for better Vegetation

In addition, vetiver grass, a deep-rooted perennial grass, plays a significant role in erosion control and revegetation. By using geotextiles, coir blankets, and jute soil saver, we can assist vetiver grass in establishing itself and thriving on slopes.

The benefits of using these natural soil covers are evident in improved success rates for erosion control, revegetation, and hydroseeding projects. They reduce erosion, enhance water retention, suppress weed growth, and create a favorable environment for plant growth. With these sustainable solutions, you can effectively enhance revegetation and hydroseeding on hydroseeded slopes while protecting the environment.