Tree Growing with Coco Root Ball and Coir Mats

Coco root balls offer a unique approach to tree growing, and the ideal time to transplant them is April. But what if your project can’t be completed in spring, faces delays, or needs to extend the planting period without using container trees? The answer lies in growing trees in coco root balls covered with coir mats and coir blankets.


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Why Choose Coco Root Balls covered with coir mats for Tree Nursery and Growth?

Tree nursery practices are evolving, and coco root balls are leading the way.

Here’s why you should consider this game-changing approach for your tree growing projects:

Unparalleled Flexibility

Are you facing project timelines that can’t be met during springtime?

Do project delays hinder your tree planting schedule?

Are you looking to extend your planting period without relying on container trees?

The solution to these challenges is simple—opt for trees in Coco Root Balls covered with coir mats . Embrace the ability to plant trees during the summertime, expanding your planting options without compromising on quality.

Innovative Tree Growing Method

Coco root balls redefine the way trees are grown compared to traditional container trees.

Trees in Coco Root Balls thrive in open fields and are uprooted during wintertime.

Instead of using hessian, this unique approach employs a coco mat during the lifting process.

Year-Round Success

Whether it’s the scorching summer months of June, July, or August, or any time of the year, coco root balls ensure year-round success.

Maintain a steady supply of water and essential fertilizers to nurture your trees, supported by BonTerra’s Coir Stitched Blanket.

Cost-Effective Tree Nursery

Not only does this approach offer year-round growth, but it is also notably more affordable than traditional container trees.

Elevate your tree growing efforts with the transformative practices of coco root balls with coir mats or coir blankets Say goodbye to project delays, explore year-round planting options, and unlock the full potential of your tree nursery.