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IECA 2023 -USA

IECA 2023 conference was held in Kansas City, USA from 6th February to 8th February at Kansas City Conventional Hall. The main purpose of this conference and exhibition is to improve the relationship between the erosion control solution providers while getting more knowledge about the modern opportunities. Bonterra Limited is a member of the IECA association and Bonterra has managed to join for all the previous conferences which was happened in the recent past. This conference has helped the company to develop new leads, new opportunities while improving the relationship between loyal customers. Moreover, it has helped to identify the new business opportunities and key markets. Bonterra had their own Stall at Booth No. 938, and it has helped them to expose their key solutions and new inventions.

The IECA Australasia 2022

This conference took place in NSW, running from October 19th to October 21st at the Pacific Bay Resort in Coffs Harbour. It aimed to enhance relationships among erosion control solution providers and explore contemporary opportunities in the embankment protection, bioengineering, slope stabilization, and sediment control industries. As a proud member of the International Erosion Control Association, Bonterra Limited consistently participates in such conferences. These gatherings have proven invaluable, fostering new connections, opportunities, and stronger bonds with loyal customers. Additionally, the conference has been instrumental in identifying emerging business prospects and key markets, allowing Bonterra to showcase its innovative solutions and new inventions.