BonTerra coir mulch blanket, designed to excel in landscaping, revegetation, and slope protection. Our coco coir Mulch Mats offer efficient weed-suppressing and erosion control capabilities while fostering optimal growing conditions for plants. Laid flat or in strips parallel to the planting area, these mats are easily customizable with scissors to fit your specific needs. Please contact us explore Coir Matting options for Green Landscaping.


Coco Coir Mulch Blanket


Coir Weed Controlling Mat


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Coco Weed Mat

Coir Mulch Blanket for Green Landscaping and Weed Suppressing

BonTerra coco matting, designed for green landscaping, plays a vital role in protecting the soil from drying out due to wind and sun exposure. Extensive research has shown that our mulch mats can reduce soil moisture evaporation by up to 50%, creating an optimal microclimate that fosters root growth for your plantings. These mats also provide excellent thermal insulation, prolonging the service life of the PE film while offering sustainable protection against rain, wind, and water erosion immediately after installation. Coir mulch mat playing a vital roles in Slope protection and Slop Stabilization.

Composition of Mulch Blanket

BonTerra mulch blanket, a medium-weight fibermat crafted from coconut fibers, is a degradable and renewable raw material. It consists of three layers: PP-netting, coconut fiber, and PE-pore membrane. To use the mulch blanket effectively, simply place it over the designated area parallel to your plantings. These mats can be easily trimmed with scissors to fit the desired size, with pieces interlocking about 5-10 cm apart. To secure the mat, we recommend using two BonTerra Steel Sod staples per square meter.