Explore BonTerra range of coconut erosion control blankets, an environmentally friendly and highly efficient solution for erosion prevention and slope stabilization. These blankets, part of our coir product series, are crafted with a coir fiber layer and are stitched on one or both sides. We offer options with backing made of durable PP-netting or natural jute fabric, along with PP- or jute-fiber stitching.


Coir Erosion Control Blanket


Coir Mat


Permanent Erosion Control Blanket

How Coir Erosion Control Blankets made of

Our Coir fibre erosion control blankets are a reliable choice for controlling soil erosion and stabilizing slopes, especially on low to moderate inclines. Made from coconut coir fibers and available with Brown PP Net or Black PP Nets, these blankets are built for longevity, their lifespan dependent on environmental conditions. Additionally, we offer 100% Coir Fiber Blankets with Jute Netting and Cotton Thread, providing a fully biodegradable temporary erosion control solution that naturally decomposes within 6 to 12 months.

Coir Matting Erosion Control Fabric with Jute Netting and Cotton Thread

BonTerra 100% natural environmental friend coconut erosion control blankets are manufactured using coir fibers, jute netting, and cotton thread, ensuring an environmentally friendly material composition. These blankets offer an effective and eco-conscious approach to erosion control, making them an ideal choice for your temporary erosion control and slope stabilization needs.


Coir Jute Blanket


Geo Jute Mat


Biodegradable Eroison Control Blanket