Our range of straw coir mats combines the robustness of straw with the natural properties of coir, offering effective erosion control solutions for your landscaping projects. These blankets, part of our straw coir fibre mixed product series, feature a fiber layer of straw and coir, expertly stitched on one or both sides. The backing comes in options of resilient PP-netting or eco-friendly jute fabric, complemented by PP or jute fiber stitching. For those seeking an environmentally conscious choice, we also offer 100% Straw mats with Jute Netting and Cotton Thread. These fully biodegradable temporary erosion control solutions naturally decay within 6 to 12 months.


Straw Coir Mat


Straw Coir Mixed Blanket

Straw Coir mixed Matting with Jute Netting and Cotton Thread

BonTerra straw mats and straw coir mixed mats are crafted using natural straw fibers, jute netting, and cotton thread, making them environmentally friendly options for your erosion control needs. These blankets offer reliable and sustainable solutions for addressing erosion, providing essential protection for your landscaping projects and soil stabilization efforts.


Biodegradable Straw Mat


Straw Jute Blanket