Welcome to BonTerra diverse selection of straw erosion control blankets, an exceptional choice for erosion protection and soil stabilization. Our straw product range includes various versions of the classic erosion protection mat, boasting a cover made entirely of natural straw. These blankets are made out on both sides with a holding nets from durable PP net or natural jute fabric, further secured with PP or jute thread. What’s more, all our straw fibre blanket can also be delivered as seed mats, with backing paper quilted to facilitate seed germination. BonTerra straw fibre erosion control and slope stabilization products, providing additional protection and stability for your landscaping projects and soil stabilization efforts.

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Straw Erosion Control Blanket with Jute Netting and Cotton Thread

BonTerra straw erosion control blankets are made with natural straw fibers, jute netting, and cotton thread, making them a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for your erosion control needs. These blankets provide reliable and sustainable protection for erosion control projects and soil stabilization efforts, helping to prevent erosion from wind, rain, and water.