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Embracing Natural Bioengineering Products for Effective Erosion Control Solutions

At Bonterra Erosion Control, we’re dedicated to promoting sustainable land management by offering innovative bioengineering products and erosion control services. Our solutions are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and cater to various soil types and slope conditions, while simultaneously facilitating the growth of vegetation.

Protecting the environment is our mission, and our diverse range of erosion control options ensures that you can find the perfect solution for your specific needs. Don’t let erosion threaten your land; safeguard it with our proven products and services.

We offer a comprehensive range of erosion control solutions designed to protect and nurture your landscaping projects. Our erosion control blankets, crafted from natural coconut and straw fibers or their blends, deliver exceptional soil retention capabilities. Both the upper and lower layers of these blankets are securely sewn together with 100% organic mesh, including Jute Net and Cotton thread. For added flexibility, our erosion control blankets can also be stitched with thread and polypropylene mesh.

Erosion Control Solutions for Sustainable Land Management

Erosion poses a significant threat to our environment, impacting soil stability and water quality. To address this challenge, we offer a range of innovative erosion control solutions and bioengineering products, designed to protect and preserve the natural landscape.

Vegetation Establishment: Harnessing the power of plant roots to secure the soil and mitigate surface runoff.

Retaining Walls: Employed to hold back soil and deter erosion.

Check Dams: Small but effective, check dams slow down water flow and minimize erosion.

Erosion Prevention Products for Sturdy Land Preservation

In our commitment to environmental preservation, we offer various bioengineering products, ensuring the safeguarding of soil and waterways. Our range of products includes:

Erosion Control Blankets: These blankets, crafted from coir, jute, or straw fibers, provide a protective layer over soil, preventing erosion.

Geotextiles: Utilizing both woven and non-woven geotextiles which come under natural bio engineering fabric segments to safeguard against erosion, with applications in slope stabilization, channel lining, and revegetation.

Coir Blankets: Crafted from biodegradable coconut fibers, coir blankets are effective at controlling erosion on slopes and embankments.

Jute Soil Savers: Derived from biodegradable jute fibers, these soil savers are highly efficient in erosion control, particularly on slopes and embankments.

Erosion Control Supplies:

We understand that every erosion challenge is unique. That’s why we offer a diverse range of erosion control supplies, from Coir Geotextiles to sediment control devices, to address specific needs and regulatory requirements.

Erosion Control Services:

Beyond our top-notch products, we offer comprehensive erosion control services to guide you through the entire process. Our experienced professionals can assess your site, recommend the most suitable solutions, and assist with implementation to ensure optimal erosion control.