Anchoring solution range including with wooden pegs, wooden stakes, and steel sod staples. Our dependable range of anchoring options is designed to ensure the secure installation of erosion control blankets, Coir nettings, Coir Logs and Jute Soil Saver, providing a firm anchor for your projects. Please contact us for reliable anchoring solutions for Your Erosion Control Needs.


Steel Sod Staple


Steel Peg


Wooden Peg


Steel Sod Staple

Steel Sod Staples: Ensuring Stability and Durability

BonTerra Steel Sod Staples also known as Steel Pegs are engineered for lasting strength and stability. These staples are designed to endure the most demanding landscape requirements, providing a reliable anchor for your landscape fabric, erosion control matting, weed barrier fabric, jute/burlap netting, artificial turf, and drip irrigation tubing.

Specifications of 6” steel sod staple

  • Length: 6 inches
  • Width: 1 inch
  • Material: Low carbon steel
  • Square top
  • Staple size : 6”x 1” x 6” (Non Galvanized)
  • Wire diameter/ Gauge: 11 gauge  (2.75 mm)
  • Deviation in length of the legs : + – 0.25”
  • Packaging : Packed in cartons and then loaded on Pallets
  • Number Staples per carton : 1000
  • Number of Carton per pallet : 72 Boxes
  • Number of Pallets per 20 FT GP : 20 Pallets
  • QTY : 1440 cartons ( 1,440,000 steel staples ) / 20 FT GP
  • Weight of a carton : 15 kg
  • Weight of a Pallet : 1080 kg
  • Total weight of 20 FT GP : 21.6 MT

Wooden Pegs and Stakes: Natural Anchors for Erosion Control

Our wooden pegs and stakes offer a natural and sturdy anchoring solution for your erosion control endeavors. Crafted from unbreakable, knot-free hardwood, these 30 cm long wooden fixing pins come pre-assembled with a 5 cm crossbar. Their fine-sawn, natural finish ensures a smooth and swift installation process.

Elevate the security and reliability of your erosion control projects with BonTerra wooden pegs, wooden stakes, and steel sod staples.